Plex Won't Start

Sometimes, for a plenthora of reasons, Plex won't show up on This steps should ensure you have access to your Plex again.

First let's take a look at the information that the app dialog gives us. (if you don't see the health status please upgrade your Plex)

Plex app status

In the top left is a circle, if this is blue it means your Plex server is running. If it's red it means your Plex server is stopped. Health status can be "Healthy" this means your Plex server is up and responding on the port it was assigned. Starting means that your Plex server might be online but it was still booting up when the health status was done. Unhealthy means there is an issue with your Plex server and it's not responding on it's assigned port. Last check displayed how long ago the check for the status was.

The status you want to see is "Blue icon" + "Healthy".

Before you begin troubleshooting

  • Ensure you are not over quota, if you are these tips won't do much;
  • Ensure your Plexdrive, Rclone or other FUSE mounts are unmounted if not these steps won't work.

Red icon or unhealthy status

  1. Restart your Plex and wait a few minutes.
  2. If that did not help upgrade your Plex and wait till the upgrade message is removed.
  3. If the status is not changed and the last check date was recent raise a ticket.

Blue icon and "healthy" but I still can't access Plex.

This most likely means your server is not claimed by your Plex account. Go to your box's dashboard and press "Actions->Claim Plex server" and run through the menu. After a few minutes your Plex should show up again on

If that does not work try ticking the "Force logout" button on the claim screen and claiming again.

Any other issues

If there is anything else going on or the above did not fix your issues than please raise a ticket and supply us with your username and a temporarily password for your Plex account so we can help you diagnose your issues.

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