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When Animazing started building the Appbox platform a couple of years ago we initially supported 5 apps, at that point memory limitations were not really an issue. The apps we supported had been in development for years which in turn meant they were fairly stable and optimised with memory in mind. However as time went on we added support for more and more applications, we now support over 35 applications. Some of them built well... others not. Some of them maintained well.. others not so much.

In an older news post we spoke more about RAM usage, you can read it here.

We now have a soft limit of 4500MB per user, the average user should not notice anything as the average RAM usage is 1200MB. Nobody is to blame for this but when you have unlimited resource available to use then you have no reason to uninstall unused apps or optimise applications like Rclone to use less memory. There is simply no other way to ensure fair usage across the board as we increase our app library.

What you might notice:

  • Every 5 minutes we are refreshing your current usage.
  • From 3500MB we will show you a warning message. This means that you are in risk to get your box restarted
  • From 4500MB we will show you a danger message. This means the risk is even higher.
  • From 5000MB we are going to restart all your apps.

What can you do to prevent your apps from being restarted:

  • Clean up or stop unused apps
  • Frequently manually reboot your apps
  • Keep your apps up to date

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, please raise a ticket on our website.

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