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Renewal Period

I have made this chart to show the process of renewing accounts. I hope it is helpful.
1. Your box gets set up or it gets renewed.
↓ 3 Weeks pass.This takes us to 7 days before your box's renewal date.
2. You get an invoice, and your account's balance is lowered, regardless of whether you have the funds in your account or not.If your balance has gone below zero, here is the point where it would be a really good idea to fix that.
↓ 7 Days pass
3. If your account still has a negative account balance, your box gets disabled. Note that your box is not yet deleted.If your account balance is not negative, go back to step 1
↓ 1-2 Days pass ↓ You Pay ↓ You arrange something with Animazing via IRC or a private ticket.
4a.) Your box gets deleted and wiped, and that space is set up for a new user.THERE IS NO WAY OF GETTING YOUR DATA BACK. 4b.) Your box gets enabled, simple restart of the box will start everything back up. 4c.) Your box is saved, and whatever you arranged takes place.

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