Improve Your Speed And Plex Streaming Quality Using Bytesized Reroute

What is rerouting

Rerouting is the ability to alter the route that traffic takes from our servers to your ISP.

Analogy: you're in France and want to visit Germany. Imagining each country as a different ISP, how can you get there? You can take a road via Belgium, Switzerland or even just go directly. However different things may be happening on the roads at different times of the day: Switzerland might be trying to set up tolls, the direct route might be undergoing repairs, while the route via Belgium is seeing congestion during rush hour.

There are multiple routes possible and the goal is to find the route that has the best speed to your ISP.

Automatic speedtesting/rerouting

We've written a new application to automatically check all routes for you and set the fastest for you. Download Bytesized-Reroute for your platform with the following links


64-bit (Most Common)

Download the binary double click it to start and press 'Run anyway' or something similar since the application is unsigned.


For computers running 32-bit Windows, download this file. Only needed when the 64 -bit version doesn't work for you.

Linux and Mac OSX

Try this pasting this command in a terminal bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

If that doens't work download the binary manually, make it executable (chmod +x) and execute it.

These applications are new and might still contain faults, please let us know if you encounter anything weird.

Raspberry Pi

These ARM based builds have not been tested yet. Any feedback would be very welcome.

Log location


%APPDATA%\bytesized\\auto-reroute (C:\\Users\\<User>\\AppData\\Roaming\\bytesized\\auto-reroute)




${HOME}/Library/Application Support/bytesized/auto-reroute


  • Removes the GTT route as it will no longer be supported.
  • Small fix that makes the rerouting app fail with a 1/3 chance.
  • Added new network partner: GTT
  • Added new network partner: Sparkle (Seabone)
  • New network support
  • Added support for multiple test servers to spread out the load on the speedtest server
  • Added new speedtest files, starting with a smaller file (256KB) and doubling the size until the test takes long enough (~9seconds) to get an accurate result.
  • Made the app spit out less lines, extra lines were moved to debug logging (enable with --debug)
  • Fixed an issue where a timeout would stop the rerouting all together.
  • Added the default route to the tests and added new GTT route.
  • Added one more post-reroute test for more alternatives.
  • Added two additional speedtests, after the routing diagnosis, to our and Leaseweb datacenters to have something to compare the speeds to.
  • Reroute results are now being saved after each run so there is a historical view of the results available to help diagnose issues.
  • Added a more dynamic testing system. This will help decrease the total runtime and give out more accurate results.
  • Added a flag that allows the application to run without user interaction, handy if you want to put it on a monthly cron for example.
  • Added a flag to give debug information.
  • Initial release.

Command line options

Usage of ./bytesized-reroute-osx:
        Run with verbose output
        Run non-interactively and accept all questions

NOTE: for Windows
To run these commands on windows you need to create a shortcut of app. 

Once the app is created ,right click the shortcut and go to Properties.  
In Target you need to add one of these commands like this: "C:\Users\User\Folder\where\app\is\located\bytesized-reroute.exe" -non-interactive.

Click Apply and then OK to close it down. 

Manual speedtesting

Do the interactive speedtest on our website and select the Bytesized datacenter. Note or screenshot the initial results.

Then go to the rerouting page and select a different route wait a minute and try the Speedtest again. See if the speed is better this time around. Repeat this process until you found the fastest route and select this one.

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