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How to make screenshots in rTorrent

There is a really nice plugin in rtorrent which allows you to make screenshots of your video files which may become handy.This plugin is installed by default.

  • In order to use it open your rTorrent( from your box details) and open your Settings and choose Screenshots:


  1. Frame count is the amount of screenshots you want to take.
  2. Start frame offset,s is when the plugin will start taking screenshots (in seconds).
  3. Time between frames,sis the time between each screenshot.
  4. Slideshow interval is the time it takes to switch between the images during Slideshow you activated.
  5. Image format- You can choose JPEG or PNG format.

  • After you're finished with settings choose a torrent you want and press Files in your bottom corner and right click .mkv file and choose screenshots:


  • It will open up a window and generate screenshots depending on your settings:
  1. Starts a Slideshow.
  2. Switch to next Screenshot.
  3. Saves the Screenshot to your computer.

Everything else is self explanatory


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