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Name: Sickbeard


Added on: 24th of August 2014


The ultimate PVR application that searches for and manages your TV shows Automatically finds new and old episodes for you and it works with your current download client!

Version management

Server wide installation is updated every 30 minutes. Once installed you have the option to use the build-in updater to update to any version you would like.


After setting up your providers, searchers and post-process, navigate yourself through an FTP client to /apps/sickbeard/autoProcessTV/ and rename autoProcessTV.cfg.example to autoProcessTV.cfg.

Now, open autoProcessTV.cfg and fill the configure it the way it fits you, here's mine for example; where host is your address that you use.

port=6969 where port is the port you're using to access it but be careful if you're using SSL the port will be different than the non SSL version so make sure you specify it later down the line of the config.

username=xxx where username is the one you told Sickbeard to use when you first set it up.

password=xxx enter your password if you're using any and empty if you're not.

web_root=/ leave empty.

ssl=0 leave to 0 for false and 1 to true.

All that's left to do is connect Sickbeard with SABnzbd

Tips and tricks

For full automation with Plex, make sure you add TV Shows to ~/media/TV Shows directiry, so Plex automatically picks them up.

Showing up in Plex

Content will not automatically show up in Plex if it's downloaded via Sickbeard. You can move your data to either ~/media/TV Shows or ~/media/Movies depending on the content.

If you have Deluge installed you can also run Filebot manually on your content downloaded via other sources.

python ~/.config/deluge/ nothing . ~/path/to/content

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