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Name: Sickrage


Added on: 21st of January 2015


Magic TV tool.

Version management

Server wide installation is updated every 30 minutes. Once installed you have the option to use the build-in updater to update to any version you would like.

Tips and tricks

  • Sickrage is setup to work with both rTorrent and Deluge out of the box. It accomplishes this by download .torrent files to the torrents/watch folder where they will be automatically picked up by your client and then processed by Filebot.

  • There is no post-processing done by Sickrage by default since this would interfere with Filebot's post-processing. Feel free to change this though.

  • Please note that if you connect Sickrage to your torrent client directly Filebot will most likely stop working.

  • If you are using the new 8TB AppBoxes and wish to have SickRage correctly update when items have been downloaded, make sure you change the default directory to /home/hd1/[yourUsername]/media/TV Shows

  • For some reason, a backup & restore doesn't restore TV show posters...but a mass update & rescan is able to restore the images.

  • It's advised not to use the Backup feature of Sickrage between installations since it also backups port and passwords.

Connecting directly to rTorrent

If you want to skip Filebot and use Sickrage directly use the following settings. Please note that you will have work around a bug and submit the details twice:

Setting Value
rTorrent host:port
Http Authentication basic
rTorrent username Your username
rTorrent password Your rTorrent password

Now press save and test connection and you should get an error. Now change the rTorrent host:port to and it should work the second time.

Manually updating / Sickrage not starting

If you want to manually update Sickrage or want to try to fix if it's not starting then please open a terminal via VNC or SSH.

Then do the following: cd ~/apps/sickrage && git checkout master && git pull that should show some output. After that try another restart to start this latest version.

If that still fails raise a ticket.

SickChill won't start after update on the 20th of April 2020


Open a terminal via SSH or VNC run:



If your SickChill does not start you can use the following commands to fix it. (modified from the official instructions here)

cd ~/apps/sickrage/
find . -name *.pyc -delete
find lib -empty -type d -delete
git pull
git clean -dfq lib

SickChill won't start after update on the 9th of September 2020

Open a terminal via SSH or VNC run:

sed -ibak s/SickBeard/SickChill/ ~/.startup/sickrage

after which you can start your SickChill via website or by running the command via terminal ~/.startup/sickrage .

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