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Name: Subsonic


Added on: 27th of January 2015


Music streaming library tool.

Version management

Version 6. Upgrades through reinstall.

Tips and tricks

Subsonic is setup to index any files in ~/media/Music if you want files to show up in Subsonic put them there.

By default Filebot does not index and process music files but you can enable this if you want by editing the filebot wrapper for your torrent client and adding --def music=y to the filebot command line options.


After 05th of November 2020, We upgraded Java on servers to use Java 11 version. Because of that older installs of Subsonic will stop working. In order to fix that , subsonic needs to be pointed to Java 8.

Access your box via SSH (Terminal, putty) and open the Subsonic config file:

nano ~/apps/subsonic/

Go to the bottom of the page and in the part that is squared red in the image below replace JAVA=/java with JAVA=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java .


Save the changes by using ctrl + O and then ctrl + X to exit the editor.

After that start your subsonic via SSH using ~/.startup/subsonic or via website app actions

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