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Name: VNC


Added on: 19th of August 2014


VNC allows you to remote control your box via a graphical interface.



Getting started

First off, install the VNC app via your Box page.

Download a client

Connecting to your desktop

Connecting to your desktop is different depending on your client.

Tight VNC on Windows

On windows you should look something like this. You need to add a command in the input box.



For instance if you are on the server omega and the app port is 6221 you will fill in.


Now press connect and your desktop should show up.

Use the built-in VNC client in macOS

You can use the built-in VNC client by opening vnc:// URLs in Safari.

For instance if your server at Bytesized is Gaia and your assigned port number is 1234 you would enter the following URL in Safari: vnc://

Chicken on OS X

If you boot Chicken you should see something along these lines


  • Host should have the domain name of your server, for instance
  • Display or Port should have your port number.
  • Password, well should have the password mentioned at your VNC details.
  • Make sure to disable "View only" otherwise you won't be able to control anything.

SSH tunneling through Kitty

I tried the following and it worked - much slower for me but this way safer to do from an untrusted network:

  • Verify both SSH working in Kitty and VNC working
  • Then in a disconnected state in Kitty
  • Connection / SSH / X11 / Enable X11 forwarding
  • Connection SSH Tunnels, source port is 9090, destination is the same hostname:port as in the VNC viewer
  • Save the session
  • Start Kitty session
  • Start VNC as localhost:9090
  • Recommendation: if it is slower, set VNC client to user fewer colors


If for some reason you can't connect using try using instead.

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