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This page is to help communicate what features may help users get the most out of a fusion box. Please keep line items brief. Please leave discussion of the merit of a feature for IRC.

  • Upload a public key via web interface for ssh access.
  • Generate passwords for ssh access that does not have any ambigious characters due to font, or use a font with more destinctive characters.
  • Provide a directory, or symlink, directly in the home directory that will place files in Pydio personal files area for user
  • Incorporate Filebot script option for Deluge installation. This will auto unarchive and organize movie and tv files.
  • Make a Java Runtime Environment available.
  • MySQL, Apache and phpMyAdmin to be able to host sites like Joomla, Wordpress, OTRS etc.
  • Include Music label for Filebot/Plex.
  • Label that writes to .plexignore to exclude files from Plex (to hide XXX).
  • The ability to modify Filebot renaming scripts for Movie, TV and Music to custom formats. (Modiy ~/.config/deluge/filebot.py with a custom -script target)
  • Auto setup Deluge RSS plugin so we can subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Auto setup Deluge SeedTime plugin so we can auto delete files after x number of days
  • Multple deluge servers for easy box sharing
  • Set favicon for fusion.bytesized-hosting.com
  • Reboot button
  • Google Music Manager app
  • Storj Share
  • Plex Discord Bot Hosting

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