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More FileBot & Deluge changes

I've been busy making a few quality of life changes to the application stack and I think settled on (hopefully) the last changes I will make to the way FileBot, Deluge and Plex interact with each other. Let's go over the changes.

Compressed data

Compressed content will now be extracted to torrents/extracted instead of torrents/data. This should make it easier to manage your extracted content. When you delete a compressed torrent via Deluge make sure to also delete the version in torrents/extracted if you have no wish for it any longer.

Hardlinks versus Symlink

Before today FileBot made hardlinks to Series/Movies it was scanning. This meant that if you deleted a torrent via Deluge a version might still be behind in the media folder.

Starting today FileBot is setup in such a way that it will create symlinks instead of hardlinks. This means that if you only have to delete the file once, via Deluge.

Plex changes

In order to make symlinks work with Plex we are now mounting your whole home folder. This also means you can now setup any other Libraries that you wish in your home folder and Plex will be able to access them. I also removed the fallback action for the LabelPlus technique. If you want to use that instead of FileBot you will have to add the Library paths yourself.

I also made some changes to the Deluge config that hopefully should increase download and upload performance.

All these changes are only activated on new installations of the apps. So if you want to change the behaviour you can uninstall/reinstall your apps. Please note that uninstall will also affect your Deluge state folder so you will have to re-add torrents you want to keep seeded. You can also move your state folder away before uninstalling by issuing killall deluged && mv ~/.config/deluge/state . and moving it back after install killall deluged && mv state ~/.config/deluge/ && ~/.startup/deluge. Please note that this might not work if you changed settings around.

In order news I also enabled https for fusion I'm not forcing it yet but if you want you can now switch to https.

Windows Plex app discount

The Windows and Windows Phone apps are currently heavily discounted. Please check them out if you run on those platforms :)


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