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Omega maintenance done & Sickbeard added

Update 13:00 GMT+1

The announced maintenance has now concluded. All Plex apps have been removed so please reinstall Plex, as always make sure you tie it to your Plex account after installation so you can login if your IP changes.

DLNA is disabled by default now for Plex, if you use this you will have manually re-enable it via the web-interface.

The kernel also got an other upgrade to take care of that quota bug I talked in an earlier news item.

I hope these changes will further improve stability.

I've also added a new Bytesized app: Sickbeard. Since I have no clue how it is suppose to work I would appreciate it if somebody can test it it's fully functional and perhaps write a little getting started guide for the website.

As indicated previously please yell at me at something isn't working that was previously working. You can find me on IRC or leave a message here if I'm afk.

Original text

As promised I'm working on the Plex changes and some other stuff right now. You might still have access to omega but some more downtime is expected during the next few hours.

I will update this post when everything is suppose to be working again so you can yell at me when it is not! ;)



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