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Sickrage, Plex server upgrades and Pushbullet

Hey guys,

Things are getting slowly getting back to normal after the hectic week. I've been coding pretty much 24/7 since the new codebase update came online. I hope you guys didn't run into too much weird things, so far it seems everything that has been reported was solvable. This does mean I might be less available for the next two days in order to recuperate some of my sanity.

Ok, on to the goodies!


I've been wanting to have a second way of communicating with you guys about things happening on your account for ages, and now it's finally here; Pushbullet.

This handy little Application (iOS, Android and browsers) let's me push messages directly to your device. This is especially handy since email has a tendency to end up in spam 50% of the time.

I've written a short how-to on the wiki if you want to receive notifications about new invoices, account deployments etc.

Sickrage on Streamboxes

Yes, I heard you. If the votes were not enough the thousand of tickets that were created to request it were. So Sickrage is now an official Bytesized app. Please leave me alone now, you guys got your wish! ;)

As always this app is experimental and I need you guys to hear if it's working ok.

In-place Plex server upgrades

This is the other feature request I have been promising for when the new website would come online. So here it is. It's now possible to upgrade your Plex server to the latest available version without a reinstall. In the "Actions" panel is a new button that you can click to upgrade. As always this is a new feature, if you really love your Plex config wait for more adventurous people to pave the way for you.

That's it for now, for the love that all is holy please don't create tickets about feature requests anymore. Look through the "Feature request overview" and vote or "create a new one" if it does not exist yet.


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