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Sickrage repository updates

Hey guys,

It seems there was some unrest in the Sickrage team which resulted in a hard fork of the Sickrage codebase. It seems that the 'winner' is the new fork that ejected one of the core developers. I changed our codebase so that all new Sickrage installations will be using the code in the new fork.

The new Sickrage team recommends a clean installation and the removal of any existing databases. If you rather not do that and want to see if you can make your existing installation switch you can use the following commands to switch over your existing installation to the new fork.

Please note that we don't support the results of these commands in any form or way.

Open a terminal in VNC or connect over SSH. and paste the following commands.

sed -ibak 's/sickragetv/sickrage/i' ~/apps/sickrage/.git/config
cd ~/apps/sickrage && git checkout master && git pull

You can also decide to do nothing if you are happy with the way Sickrage runs for you currently but you will probably miss out on bugfixes and features.


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