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Sickrage memory leak

Hey guys,

The fact that Sickrage has been forked recently was mentioned in an earlier news item I posted but today we discovered something that forced us to take drastic measures.

In the past few days a few of our servers became highly unstable, load would spike and sometimes the whole server would become unreachable. Doing a post-mortem revealed that in all cases (the old fork of) Sickrage was responsible for the instability.

From this moment on the old fork of Sickrage is no longer supported for this exact reason. A script is now running on all servers that kills any old forks of Sickrage.

If you installed Sickrage after the 24th of November

You are most likely already on the new, stable fork. No further action is required.

If you installed Sickrage before the 24th of November

I would recommend you read the earlier linked news post and take action ASAP.

I understand that this will be an inconvenience for some of you but the stability of our services is always our greatest concern, I hope you understand.



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