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+Dedi multi-user support, Singapore servers and reboots


As you might have noticed all servers were rebooted earlier this week. This was needed because of a linux kernel vulnerability that hit a great percentage of servers. Normally there are work arounds available that prevents you from having to do a full reboot, sadly not in this case. My apologies for the downtime that this resulted in but I do greatly value the security of the servers.


Now for the good news. We have been hearing the cries of agony from our members in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Their streaming experience has been really subpar compared to the rest of the world. To help with that I've been testing out servers from Leaseweb Singapore and the initial results are promising. There are a few issues still though. The bandwidth for instance is almost a factor 10 more expensive. Singapore is much less developed, internet exchange-wise, and this means that bandwidth is extra expensive. Because of this the plans are more expensive as well and offer less bandwidth. I do think however it is worth sacrificing a bit of bandwidth to get that smooth streaming experience. The other issue is that the connection between Leaseweb Amsterdam and Leasweb Singapore is very bad. This means that we can't migrate existing accounts to Singapore and if you want to move you will probably have to start over.

I've updated the speedtest on the plans page if you are located in any of the forth mentioned territories and would like to test your speed to this new datacenter. This is also where you can find the exact specifications of the new plan.

Multi-user support

We also silently launched a new unique AppBox +Dedi feature. Multi-user support enables you to invite your friends and family to your AppBox +Dedi account and let them install and use their own apps. This makes sharing your account very easy. They basically get a full-fledged Bytesized account and share your disk-storage and bandwidth for free. If you ever wanted to pool with some friends this would be a great way to go about it.

You can read more about using it on the wiki.


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