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+Stream migration options update

Hey guys,

It's been almost a month since we introduced the new Appbox +Stream plans running on our own hardware and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

The popularity of the plan however did raise an other issue. It seems that most of our current members on the older Leaseweb based plan want to upgrade on to the new plan. The problem with this is is twofold:

  • We only have a limited amount of space available on our hardware and we are slowly scaling this amount up.
  • Automatic migration button from the old plan to the new one proved to be uncontrolled so we now have servers that are half empty slowing the growth on our own hardware.

To solve this we are taking tighter control of the migration flows.

This is what is going to happen:

  • We will be marking select Leaseweb servers as eligible for migration.
  • When your server is eligible, you will get the option of either migrating to a Leaseweb server that we will be keeping or migrating on to the new +Stream plan on our own hardware. The button to migrate will appear at your box details page and you will be able to make your decision. There will also be a big red notice box that will show you your server is eligible for migration.
  • We have maximum of one month per eligible server to make this happen so we might need to stop your applications to have your full attention :) If this happens, boot your apps again and make a decision. If you don't do that, the data will be gone and we will pro-rate credit your account. So be sure to keep your eye on your inbox if you are on a legacy account!

Q: But I want to migrate now!?

We cannot prevent you from buying a new account and migrating. Nor we would want to prevent it. However, you will then need to migrate your data manually (you can use one of the methods in the wiki). If you do this, be sure to raise a ticket after you are done so we can pro-rate your legacy account.

This should clear the path for us to scale our own hardware quicker creating a positive feedback loop.

Thanks for your continuing support!



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