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Post-summer updates, including new +Dedi lines

As summer holiday period is coming to a close it seems time to kick things up a notch and talk about what's in store for the near (and far) future here at Bytesized.

Introducing new +Dedi plans: 'Archive' and 'SSD'

We've been listening closely to the feedback over the past few months and today I'm introducing two new managed dedicated server lines as a result.

The first line is the "+Dedi Archive" as the name implies this plan is meant for backing up large storage devices such as a NAS. The RAID-5 system gives you access to 24TB of storage. If you have a local copy still at home the RAID-0 goes even further at 32TB.

The other new addition to our +Dedi offer is the "+Dedi SSD". Here we sacrifice storage space for faster disks. The system comes with a 4Gbit uplink and 4x480GB that you can use in either RAID-0 or RAID-10.

These servers are going into pre-sale now and will be released towards the end of the month. For more details take a look at our dedicated server page..

+Stream Legacy migrations

We are still working hard on the +Stream legacy migrations, we've passed the halfway point and hope to complete all the migrations next month if our inventory allows it.

Virtual servers revamp

One of the other projects I'm working on is a revamp for our VPS offer. Our current VPS offer hasn't had an update the past few years and it's long overdue. One of the changes we will be making is switching away from paravirtualization to full hardware virtualization. This will enable our VPSs to run custom kernels and also enable the use of container techniques such as Docker. We will also be running the new VPSs on RAID for extra redundancy and performance. I hope to get the first VPS hardware online early November.

Appbox platform on your own hardware

For the very long term we are also working on a new software platform that you will be able to install on any VPS or Dedicated server to turn it into a Appbox-like server. This hardware doesn't have to be rented from us giving you the ability to use our Appbox platform on a very wide variety of hardware and locations. Expect more news about this platform at the end of this year.

As always we run on your feedback so let us know your thoughts and help shape the future of Bytesized. Enjoy the last bits of summer!



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