The Dedicated Appbox

The best Plex server you can have

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The Deal

Dedicated power

The Dedicated Appboxes have all the features of our normal Appbox based plans, including all supported apps , but unlike our normal Appbox you are not sharing a server. You get your own full server including our unique Appbox platform that we manage for you.

The specs

All Appbox +Dedi servers are made with streaming in mind and support at least 4 simultaneous 1080p transcodes. They are also equiped with at dedicated 1Gbit connection and a dedicated IP.

Bonus features

The Dedidcated Appbox also comes with our unique Multi-user feature that enables you to give out full free Bytesized accounts to your friends and family.

No root access and having everything handled for me took the weight of my shoulders!! - Definitely a real person

The fineprint - Please read

  • The dedicated servers are managed and don't come with root access;
  • Our refund policy applies except the setup fee will not be refunded;
  • Migration to this plan from other Appbox based plans is possible;
  • The advertised space is approximated it is actually less because the storage space also includes full OS installation;
  • VAT is not included in the price and will be added on-top based on your local VAT;
  • There is a setup fee for the installation and configuration, see the amount next to the plan description;
  • Not all plans will be available on auto-deploy, when sold out it might take longer to get your server;
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Want something more affordable?

We also offer shared services with a much lower cost of entry.

HP ProLiant DL120 G7 / Xeon E3-1230 CPU / 16GB Ram

The following configurations are available on this server.

  • DL120 +Entry

    €80 per month
    • 4x3TB HDD
    • Supports RAID-0 and RAID-5
    • 1Gbit connection
    • 30TB Upload
    • 4 simultaneous transcodes
    • Hosted in Amsterdam