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Turn your server into a powerfull app hosting platform without any terminal interaction.

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What is Bytesized Connect?

Bytesized Connect is an application control panel that turns your server into a application platform. Simply run the (open-source) Bytesized Connect Daemon (BCD) to plug your server into the Bytesized website. It will enable you to configure all supported apps through our web-interface without having to touch a terminal. Because the daemon is completely open-source you can contribute your own apps as well.

Connect Manager
An overview of the Connect Manager interface
Install screen
No more fiddling with the terminal, configure apps with ease
Build-in routing
Create easy to remember routes to your applications
Build-in graphing
Free graphing for your server included
I think this will the best thing since sliced bread!! - Definitely an other real person


Easy app installation

Install and configure apps with the click of a button. No longer will you have to mess with config files and terminals. We even try to setup a username and password for you by default.

Free domains and SSL

BCD comes with an addon to support rememberable hostnames to your application. Use our free domain or bring your own domain(s) to also add free https support.

Process isolation

All BCD applications run in their own container, because of this all the processes are completely isolated from each other keeping your server neat and clean.

Open source

The Bytesized Connect Deamon (BCD) is completely open-source and extendible. This allows you to build your own plugins to get the most out of the software or audit what the daemon is actually doing. Check-out the code on Github .

No root required

BCD does not require root to run. This allows any user to run the daemon on their account keeping the security of your server intact.

Runs everywhere

The only hard requirement for BCD is Docker, as long as you have a server that runs Docker BCD will also run.

Connect installations
apps installed
Routes created

Getting started with Bytesized Connect

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