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Introducing the +Stream Flex Disk

Hey guys,

Earlier today there was a maintenance window on all the Bytesized hosted +Stream servers to enable a new feature I've been working on the past few months; The Flex Disk.

Flex Disk

One of the most common requests we got from you guys was adding more storage without an upgrade of any other resources. Sadly this was impossible until now, you always had to upgrade your bandwidth and CPU power as well. This was needed because every server is basically one big pie that you get one slice of. In order to ensure the performance of each box upgrading all resources was the only viable option.

This is changing starting today with the introduction of the Flex Disk. The Flex Disk is a virtual disk that you can add to your +Stream box to add flexible storage. The storage is networked attached, RAID-60, created with Plex streaming in mind and starts at 50GB with the option to go as high as 8TB. It starts at only 1 cent per GB/month! To give you a sneak preview of how the Flex disk is working and to gather some more data on performance, we will have an Alpha period that's scheduled to last at least a month. The price will be discounted by 50% to 0.5 cent per GB + a 50 cent base cost during the Alpha window.

The Flex Disk is meant for sequential i/o only, which means no direct downloading on the Flex disk. First download to your real disk, then transfer it over for long term storage on the Flex Disk.

The Alpha, ofcourse, comes with some risk, hence the pretty steep discount. If you have data that you can't stand to lose I would advise you to wait for the Beta. In other words, don't use it as a backup storage during the Alpha stage.

You can find frequently asked questions and a getting started guide on the Flex Disk wiki page. If you have any other generic questions after reading this feel free to leave a comment here or raise a ticket.

It took a lot of time and effort to get this service into your hands so I hope you enjoy it!


Animazing and the Bytesized Team


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