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Free +Stream upgrades, Discord support, new LW plan and more!

Hi guys,

Today we have a couple of announcements to make.

Free +Stream upgrades

We have recently upgraded our hardware and infrastructure to allow more resources per plan and at a better price. We have added 1 extra transcode, 2TB extra upload with a 1 EUR discount to each +Stream tier. The discount is multiplied in the higher tiers, so 2 EUR for Stream 2 and 3 for Stream 3.

Network improvements

We are still working hard on improving the network connectivity to our own hosted +Stream plans. 300Gbit of capacity has been added in the last two weeks and we are still working on optimising this further together with our upstream partner. We are also improving the reroute tool to ensure that in case the default route is not working you get the best alternative route. Always ensure you download the latest version of our auto-reroute tool when you are experiencing problems.

New +Stream plan at Leaseweb

We finally managed to work out a deal with Leaseweb that gives us access to comparable hardware to our own that allows us to run a similar +Stream plan but hosted on Leaseweb. This is mainly for people in difficult to reach areas of the world where Leaseweb's network has better results then our own. The plan is 14 EUR for 1TB of Storage and 3TB of upload on 1Gbit. Rerouting and Flex Disks are sadly not supported on Leaseweb. If you want to move from our own hosted +Stream to Leaseweb just open a ticket and we will help you out.

Byebye IRC, hello Discord

As it seems IRC is getting less and less popular among the cool kids we decided to move our community to Discord. If you want to chat or have a technical question feel free to drop by. Official support will still be done through tickets, always raise a ticket if you are having an immediate problem

Black Friday deal, tell your friends

If you have any friends looking for a box we just enabled a 60% discount on the first month on all our Bytesized hosted Appbox +Stream boxes. So please spread the word!

Lastly we have a new app coming up in the next few weeks, we are just waiting on a new release that includes a critical bugfixes they made for us. Hope to announce that soon :)

That's all for today, enjoy the updates!



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