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SSL back in action


As I promised in my last news post I would give you an update as soon as "Let's Encrypt" releases their new wildcard feature, and they did, so here it is!

I've been reworking the code over the last few days to get the highest possible number of members back on SSL in the shortest amount of time. I'm happy to report around 85% of all members are now back on fully signed SSL certificates for all apps that support it.

In the coming weeks we will start rolling out fully signed SSL certificates to the +Unmetered and +Dedi plans as well, plans that did not have signed certificates before. You don't have to do anything, as soon as the certificates are installed your apps will open over https by default.

If you don't want to wait you can always buy your own domain and hook it up with our custom domains feature.

Lastly I just want to give a big thanks for "Let's Encrypt" for making this possible; and if you have a buck to spare this month they accept donations here.



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