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Bytesized hardware on a new network!

Hi guys,

tl;dr; New network, better in most cases, make sure you download the new rerouting app and recreate your configs. 🎉

A new network

Today I have some exciting news; We have connected all our Bytesized hosted servers to a brand new network provider!

Up until yesterday we were using Feral's network to connect our servers to the internet. However in the past few months we have been having more and more issues getting reliable performance from their network. Feral tried their best to fix the issues but their default routing kept being a problem.

That's why a few weeks ago we started testing an other network provider; Yisp! The tests were very encouraging and we decided to take the leap and hook up all our own servers to this network.

What you should do and know

Changing networks meant a couple of things changed that might bite you in the ass if you are not careful.

  • New IPs for a lot of servers
  • DNS entries are updated but sometimes DNS servers are very slow to propagate this information because of caching. If this is an issue you can always find your IP on your box's dashboard.
  • If you used the IP instead of the hostname for any of your clients, FTP, SSH, VPN or otherwise make sure you update it.
  • OpenVPN specifically tends to use the IP instead of the hostname, so it's probably a safe bet to recreate your configs to ensure you have the correct IP.
  • As an other member pointed out if you use our custom domains feature you will have to update your A-records to reflect the new IP as well.
  • A new rerouting app and rerouting page. As always you can find the latest version on the rerouting wiki page, version 2.0 should be the one you download. If you want to manually select a route you can do that here:
  • Yisp reset all routes occasionally to keep things clean. The last reset date is always displayed at the bottom of the rerouting page:

The biggest plus so far seems to be a much better default route, so less need for rerouting. Hopefully this will wash away the bad taste some of you got with the network over the past few months. Although the new network is a big improvement it's not a magic bullet. If you are tethering a 2G connection on your phone in Paraguay you will still have a bad experience.

Lastly I want to give a big shout-out to Feral. They helped us a gigantic amount when we just started out hosting our own hardware by providing us with their network and their networking expertise, something that would have been a lot harder without their help.



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