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Some quality of life tweaks for Plex

Hi guys,

As you might know we are all about media playback and trying to offer the best streaming solution out there. That's why today I'm announcing two quality of life tweaks to Plex that should hopefully make things a little better.

As you know we don't officially support FUSE mounts like Rclone or Plexdrive, however we do have an active community on our Discord server that share knowledge on how to best make use of this. One of the complaints we get a lot is that Plex tends to lose it's database when it is started before Rclone is. (This is why Olaris doesn't delete files right away when it is noticing some files it can't reach). To counter this you can now tell Plex not to boot automatically on server restarts. You can do this during the install or upgrade process. If you are a FUSE user consider setting this up now so that the next time your Plex library has no missing files.

Secondly you will perhaps have already noticed two new things for the Plex app.

Plex App Panel

There is a new icon in the top left, if this icon is blue it means your Plex is running, if it's red it means your app is stopped. The second thing is the "Health" (status). This is an extra check to not only check if your Plex app is running, but also check if the assigned port is responding correctly. Right now this will mainly be used [as a diagnosis tool}( however in the future there are a couple of other things I could add to it. For instance I could send notifications over email or pushbullet whenever the status goes from healthy to unhealthy or even take it one step further and try various automated things to try and get an install from unhealthy to healthy.

I hope that these small changes make the whole Plex experience a little better.



As DoriNacho pointed out an other way to ensure your files stay around is by not emptying trash after scans, see this setting.

Plex trash setting


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