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Announcing a free and open-source Filebot alternative: olaris-rename


Two days ago I announced we added support for enabling the paid version of Filebot. Filebot is an amazing and powerful tool with near perfect renaming capabilities. However since the latest version is paid only it means it's no longer available to all members as not everybody is able or willing to pay for it. As our whole default experience depended on Filebot we now had a bit of an issue.

Right after the announcement I started working on an Filebot-like/light application which after a coffee-infused coding marathon is now ready to be used on Bytesized. olaris-rename is a very lightweight tool compared to Filebot, it doesn't strive for 100% accuracy it just tries to get things renamed 'good enough' so that Plex and Olaris can successfully identify the files. Support for olaris-rename is now rolling out on all Bytesized servers.

What works:

  • Identification of Movies and Series;
  • Looking up titles on The Movie Database (TMDb);
  • Extracting compressed archives;
  • Symlinking, hardlinking and copying;
  • Scanning files as well as complete folders (recursively and non-recursively);

What does not work:

  • Anime content is icky
  • Music identification

Let's talk about what is changing:

Existing app installations: Nothing changes for members with apps that are already installed, you will still be using Filebot like you are used to and nothing will change unless you make the required changes to the Filebot wrappers. If you want to start using olaris-rename you can re-install your app (Deluge,rTorrent and NZBGet) and select "No" when asked if you want to use Filebot. Alternatively you can edit one line in the existing Filebot wrappers to switch using these instructions.

New app installations: During installation of Deluge, rTorrent and NZBGet you will now be asked if you want to explicitly use Filebot or fall-back on olaris-rename. If you pick Filebot you will also have to install the Filebot application and provide a license for it.

App Install

Obviously I can't build a tool that's as good as Filebot is in just a few hours so expect things to not work from time-to-time. I want to encourage you that if you notice any weird behaviour renaming wise that you look through existing issues and if there is none for your issue yet create a new one. You can also open issues for feature requests you would like to have. I hope the open-source nature of the application encourages others to take a look and hopefully contribute features and fixes.

Olaris-rename is also very easy to use from the command line and makes the filebotify wrapper which can be a bit buggy obsolete. You can find all the options for olaris-rename in the readme.

I hope the integration of olaris-rename brings back the Bytesized experience you all know and love.



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