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Aethernal Capsules (Beta)

"A new platform, Aethernal, is in Beta now. It’s made for people who want more freedom to choose, whether that be software or hardware resources. It also includes a new open-source app management system called Aethernal Agent."

Please see Introducing Aethernal Capsules to read the rest of the product announcement and additional information.

Aethernal Agent is open-source, you can find the code on GItlab.

Aethernal updates

We are constantly improving both the website and the Aethernal Agent. For updates on both see this dedicated changelog page.

aa-cli - Aethernal Agent command line tool

This is systemctl wrapper designed to make it easier to manage your services, including checking their status and restarting them.

For example aa-cli help services will output:

  aa-cli services help [COMMAND]  # Describe subcommands or one specific subcommand
  aa-cli services list            # Lists all available user services and their status.
  aa-cli services restart APP     # restart the supplied application via systemd
  aa-cli services start APP       # start the supplied application via systemd
  aa-cli services start-all       # Start all systemd managed applications
  aa-cli services status APP      # get the status of the supplied application via systemd
  aa-cli services stop APP        # stop the supplied application via systemd

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I optimise my (torrent) speed

Because Capsules come in all shapes and sizes it's almost impossible to give a cut and dry optimised-ready client. This is why all clients use default settings. These settings are not optimised. You will have to go in and tinker with it yourself to get the best settings for your Capsule. If this is not something you want to do please consider getting our pre-optimised Appbox.

To optimise Deluge start by downloading and installing the LTConfig plugin. This will allow you to make changes to libtorrent to optimise the performance for your Deluge. It's our recommendation to start with the "High Performance Seed" preset and tweak from that if needed. Do know that if you have a Capsule on the low-end of the spec (1 core) it might cause your Capsule to run out of memory and start killing processes.

To optimise rTorrent take a look at this elaborate tweaking page.

How do I fix Docker rate limit errors

If you get an error installing Docker images then please use sudo docker login and login with your Docker hub account. This increases the rate limits to 200 per six hours. This only works starting aethernal-agent 0.3.7 so make sure you are on this version.

What do I do if early installations of Medusa are not starting / restarting

Cause appears to be the Process ID being left behind after app shutdown. Add the below line to the Service section of your ~/.config/systemd/user/medusa.service file to fix:


Reload the updated file by executing the following command:

systemctl --user daemon-reload

The updated ~/.config/systemd/user/medusa.service should look as below:

Description=Medusa Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 %h/apps/medusa/ -q --daemon --nolaunch --pidfile %h/.config/medusa/ --datadir=%h/.config/medusa


If still not working, try running manually as user with:

systemctl --user start medusa

Edit Capsule Settings

You can only change resources once per day.

IPv4 Forwarding Rules

Allows you to add and change the port forwarding rules. If you have ever setup forwarding rules on your home NAT internet router, this is similar in concept. For example the default port for the SSH service is port 22 which the installed server within the capsule is configured to listen on. The Host Port will be a high port number that is external reachable which you would configure your SSH client to connect to, which would automatically forward on to port 22.

Rebooting via the command line may fail to boot back up

If you find that the server doesn't come back online after performing a sudo rebootor sudo /sbin/shutdown -r now refresh the dashboard and try a Start Capsule or Restart Capsule form the main Capsule actions menu on the top right.

Tautulli - Upgrading to Python 3

Tautulli 2.6.3 is the last version to support Python 2. Python 3 will be required to continue receiving updates.

  • Make sure Tautulli is shutdown from the dashboard or via the command aa-cli service stop tautulli.service
  • Edit ~/.config/systemd/user/tautulli.service
  • Add the path to the python3 interpreter to the start of the ExecStart=

The updated line should look something like:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 %h/apps/tautulli/ --config=%h/.config/tautulli/config.ini --datadir=%h/.config/tautulli
  • Reload the updated unit file by executing the command systemctl --user daemon-reload
  • Start Tautulli from the dashboard or via aa-cli service start tautulli.service

More to follow

  • Familiar with Linux command line strongly recommended....
  • Scope of support similar to VPS...
  • Key differences to AppBoxes and other Bytesized products...
  • Plex expectations
  • Tips & Tricks...
  • Aethernal Agent Dummies Guide
  • The importance of (total or free?) Disk capacity impacts the overall performance. -- Clarification will hopefully help avoid complaints, when all it takes is a minor tweak. =)

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