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Disk usage check

Best way of checking your disk usage is checking your dashboard. However, if you believe that disk usage is not shown correctly or for some reason it is not showing, SSH to your slice or open up your VNC start lxterminal and type:

  • You can check the files size by using the command du -h for example :
du -h ~/.torrents/data/extracted

it will show you the size of every file in that folder and on the end the total amount of disk usage of that folder.

  • Or if you want to calculate the space by counting all the files as it were, this will take longer, use the following:
alias space='du ~/ -s --si'

-s is for summarize, instead of each folder size listed separately —si is for use powers of 1000, not 1024.

  • You can create an alias for the above command (or any command) in your .bash_aliases file, which is located in your ~ (home) directory. Just edit the .bash_aliases file, and add this line to it:
alias space='du ~/ -s --si'

You can name it whatever you want – I happen to call it space, because it’s easy for me to remember.

Note: Disk usage check the du way is pretty disk intensive and might slow down downloads.

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