Flood Installation Guide - Wiki wiki page

Installing Flood on your BYSH seedbox

  1. Start bij going to the Flood Github.
  2. Copy the link of the flood.git on the Github page (probably https://github.com/Flood-UI/flood.git).
  3. SSH into your seedbox.
  4. Clone the git with git clone https://github.com/Flood-UI/flood.git and cd into the directory with cd flood.
  5. Copy the config with mv config.template.js config.js and edit it with an editor like nano or vim.
  6. Configure the flood secret, you can generate a password here or use on of your own. Use a unique password!
  7. Change the 'floodServerHost' to and save the config.
  8. Run npm install, then run npm run build, this should compile Flood.
  9. To start the service as a deamon, run screen -dmS flood npm start.
  10. Go to your seedbox domain with :3000 added (or whatever port you installed Flood on).
  11. Make an account and add the rTorrent socket, which is located at $HOME/.config/rtorrent/session/rpc.socket
  12. Flood should now work!

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