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Installing Flood on your BYSH seedbox

  1. Start by going to the Flood Github.
  2. Copy the link of the flood.git on the Github page (probably https://github.com/jesec/flood.git).
  3. SSH into your seedbox.
  4. Clone the git with git clone https://github.com/Flood-UI/flood.git and cd into the directory with cd flood.
  5. Run npm install, then run npm run build, this should compile Flood.
  6. To start the service as a deamon, run screen -dmS flood npm run start -- --host --port 3000.
  7. Go to your seedbox domain with :3000 added (or whatever port you runFlood on).
  8. Make an account and add the rTorrent socket, which is located at $HOME/.config/rtorrent/session/rpc.socket
  9. Flood should now work!

Alternatively, you can run Flood via npx flood, with arguments like (--host added.

NOTE: This app is not supported by Bytesized so any possible issues with these steps have to be resolved on your own.

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