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How to download your files via HTTP

In order to be able to download your files via HTTP you will need to follow this wiki step by step.

  • Login into your SSH via terminal or by Kitty if you are on Windows OS.

Once you're logged in into your SSH you will have move you "www/" directory by typing:

cd ~/www/ 
  • Once we are in thewww directory we need to make a shortcut to your desired folder so that you can see it on your HTTP link. I will use "torrents/data" directory for an example because by default the files you download to your Box are placed there.

  • Create a symlink by typing the next command:

ln -s ~/torrents/data/ data

This will create a symlink/shortcut from your torrents/data to your www directory and when you type ls -la it should look like this:


after you create a symlink, type cd to return to your home directory.

We need to protect HTTP access so when you try to open the data folder it will ask you for a username and password.

  • Type this command: htpasswd -c /home/hdxx/username/.http-password username and change the hd and username with your own. If you're unsure what your home folder or hd is, you can always check that by going to your Account details. For example it would look like this for me:
htpasswd -c /home/hd1/alchemist/.http-password alchemist

Once you type the command you will be asked for a password and then again to confirm it.

We disable all directory indexes in Apache by default for security reasons. However by creating a custom .htaccess file you can overwrite our defaults.

  • To create .htaccess file you will need to type :
nano ~/www/data/.htaccess

And copy the form bellow:

Options +Indexes

AuthType Basic
AuthName "My files"
AuthUserFile /home/hdx/username/.http-password
Require valid-user

and edit the part AuthUserFile /home/hdx/username/.http-password with the hd and username that is yours. Once you changed it press ctrl+o to save the file and then press ctrl+x to exit that file.

  • To access your HTTP link you can go to your Account details and click the HTTP link as shown below:


Or by typing

and changing the username and servername with your own.

  • To access your folders that you have setup (in my example it's data folder) just add /data to the url :

If you followed this wiki steps you should be able to access and download your files via HTTP.

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