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Setting SSL for NZBGet

If you want to use SSL for NZBGet you will need to do couple of steps to set it up properly.

  • Open your NZBGet and go to Settings
  • Go to Security and enable SecureControl and then in the bottom left corner make sure to press Save all changes and restart NZBGet.

For the next part you will need to Login to your SSH via terminal or Kitty/Putty(If you are on Windows OS).

  • Once you're logged in your SSH you will need to type the command shown below in order to create a certificate for SSL.
 openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout cert.key -out cert.crt

  • You will be asked some questions after that command (City,company etc.), it doesn't matter what you answer .

After you're finished with setting a new cert , go back into your NZBGet Settings>Security.

  • You will need to type down the complete path for SecureCert and SecureKey with the HD you are on and your username.

As an example i will type random paths:

SecureCert: /home/hd1/alchemist/cert.crt

SecureKey: /home/hd1/alchemist/cert.key

Once you typed out the paths, save it by pressing Save all changes and again restart NZBGet.

By using your SecurePortnumber from Settings>Security you will be able to access your NZBGet via secure connection (SSL) if you type in your browser Make sure to change servername with your server name and port with your SSL port.

If you followed this steps you will successfully get your NZBGet going via SSL.

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