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Compressing/Extracting files on your box

This wiki page is made for users who prefer not using Filebot which by default is turned on.


  • To extract files from a rar archive on the server, use this command:
unrar e SomeMovieChunkFile.rar

-e is for Extract files to current directory

  • To list files inside rar archive without extracting them:
unrar l file.rar

-l is for list (not a number ‘one’)

  • To extract files with full path, type this command:
unrar x file.rar
  • To extract files with full path, and files are passworded, type this command:
unrar x -psomepassword file.rar
  • To test integrity of archive file, type this command:
unrar t file.rar

-t is for testing integrity of archive

  • To extract files from multiple subfolders ie. DVD1/somefile.rar DVD2/somefile2.rar, will extract to current folder
unrar x -r *.rar


  • To create a rar archive on the server:
rar a -R myarchive  ~/folder_to_archive

-a adds files to archive, ~/folder_to_archive is the directory we want commpressed into rar archive

  • If you want to create a rar split archive:
 rar a -m5 -v5M -R myarchive ~/folder_to_archive

-m5 - determine the compression level (0-store (fast)...3-default...5-maximum(slow)) -v5M - determine the size of each file in split archive, in this example you get files with size 5MB (if you wanted files of 512kB size you would write -v512k)

  • To split up a large file or folder and delete the original one, type this command:
rar a -v50m -df archive_name big_file_or_dir

-a is for Archive
-v50m -v is for Volume, 50m is 50 Megabytes this is the part size that the big file is split into.
-df is Delete and Force, this deletes the original file potentially saving you space.
archive_name is the part file name, e.g. big_movie.001.rar, ...002.rar, etc.
big_file_or_dir is the big file or folder you want to split up. e.g. big_movie.mkv or big_movie_plus_extras/
Finally, download the multiple archives via FTP much faster than a big file or folder ever could be.

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