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Autumn updates; Price adjustments, Connect Alpha and new Virtual Servers.

Hi guys,

As the days in Amsterdam are getting shorter and the weather even more terrible it seems like a good time to reflect and see what I've got planned for Bytesized in the coming months.

Price adjustments

The +Dedi plans are doing very well, because of the increase in volume I can reduce the prices a bit. That's why I made the following changes.

The +Dedi Stream RAID-5 and RAID-0 are now 80 EUR down from 85 EUR and the split 40 EUR down from 42.50 EUR. I've also halved the setup fees from 20 EUR to 10 EUR (and 5 EUR for the Split)

The +Dedi Archive also got a discount to 100 EUR down from 110 EUR.

I've also adjusted the 500GB +Unmetered plan down to 12 EUR since it was a bit more pricey than bigger variations of the plan.

The price change will automatically take effect with your next invoice, if you have a subscription for any of these plans I recommend you change it to reflect the new amounts.

Bytesized Connect

It's always been my goal for Bytesized to create great software that empowers users to get the most out of their hosting. I think the Appbox goes a long way but there are still some use cases where the Appbox is not a good fit: Your latency to our servers might be terrible, looking at you poor Aussies, or you want to run software Bytesized does not support. To make sure I can offer more users a great hosting experience I build "Bytesized Connect". Bytesized Connect is a software platform that you can run on any (virtual) server that turns your server into a powerful Appbox-like server. This way you can use the ease of use of a software platform and combine it with any software you might want to run and configure yourself; the best of both worlds.

Bytesized Connect is now in Alpha and you can read more about it on the Bytesized Connect Page.

New virtual server offers

We wanted to give you an option to run Bytesized Connect on a server still managed by Bytesized. That's why I am testing a new (KVM based) virtual server plan on Leaseweb with full support for Bytesized Connect. If you want to have more freedom compared to what our Appboxes offer you or you want to use Bytesized Connect check them out on our new virtual server page. Since we haven’t used KVM for virtualization before this plan is pretty Beta and tweaks might need to be made before calling it final.

Cloud plan

Lastly in the near future we should have a entry-level plan again with support for Amazon Cloud Drive. This pilot will take place on Leaseweb and offer a small amount of redundant storage with the ability to run cloud based storage on top with the ability to transcode content for Plex. Keep your eyes on the twitter feed for updates regarding this plan.

Connect and the Cloud plan are created mostly because of your feedback so if you have any fresh ideas or feedback please run then by us, we appreciate it.

Thanks for being a part of Bytesized! <3



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