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The Dedicated Appbox

We offer managed dedicated servers with our Appbox platform pre-installed. This gives you the absolute best bang for buck and honestly the best Bytesized experience.

Dell R240 / Xeon E-2274G @ 4.0Ghz / 32GB Ram

R240 +Archive (RAID-10) €150 Per Month

R240 +Archive (RAID-0) €150 Per Month

  • 32TB HDD Storage
  • 10 Plex Transcodes
  • 1 Gbit Connection
  • Unlimited Download
  • 80TB Upload
  • 44 Apps One Click Away
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R240 +Archive (RAID-5) €150 Per Month

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The Deal

Dedicated power

The Dedicated Appboxes have all the features of our normal Appbox based plans, including all supported apps , but unlike our normal Appbox you are not sharing a server. You get your own full server including our unique Appbox platform that we manage for you.

The specs

All dedicated Appbox servers are made with streaming in mind and support at least 4 simultaneous 1080p transcodes. See the specific server configuration for details. They are also equiped with a dedicated 1Gbit connection and a dedicated IP.

Bonus features

The Dedicated Appbox also comes with our unique Multi-user feature that enables you to give out full free Bytesized Appboxes to your friends and family.

Please have a look at the dedicated server section on our terms page