Why choose AppBox Platform?

The Appbox is a managed software hosting platform with a unique one-click install system. It will install and configure applications for you automagically. No longer will you have to mess around with config files to make your favorite applications work. We even set them up with sane defaults so the apps work well together by default. We currently have 45 applications for you waiting to be installed and more are added all the time. Keep your backups in sync with Syncthing, let your friends request new content and download it automagically with Emby, turn your server into a Minecraft server with Cuberite or a chat platform with Shout. You can see all available applications on our 'Application overview'. page.

The low price per GB makes the Appbox platform ideal as a off-site backup for your NAS or primary backup location for less important files. We also offer fully redudant services on the disk and/or host level if you are backing-up more important files.

Do you you own any media files that you want to backup? With our Appbox platform you can directly stream to any device at home or on the go. The Appbox can handle most formats you throw at it because it's running on powerful hardware especially tailored towards heavy duty (x264) transcoding. The AppBox platform comes with a full Plex server installation by default so you can enjoy your own content on any Plex-ready device.

If you are a power-user you can even use Rclone and Plexdrive to turn your Appbox into your own personal Plex Cloud service.

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