Wiki: How To Stream To Vlc Via Sftp wiki page

How to stream media files to VLC via SFTP

In case if you want to stream certain video files to VLC, rather than use a Plex Client here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to your server's account details page, and visit the FTP web-link.

  2. Navigate to the media file that your are interested in streaming, and copy the link address to that file. For example it might be ftp://username:[email protected]/media/TV%20Shows/ShowName/Season%202/ShowName.S02E02.EpisodeName.720p.mkv

  3. Modify the ftp part of the link to sftp.

  4. Replace all %20's with actual spaces.

  5. Find your home folder location on the right side of your account's dashboard page. For example it might be /home/hdxx/username

  6. Prepend this path before the /media/ in your link, so your final link would look like: sftp://username:[email protected]/home/hdxx/username/media/TV Shows/ShowName/Season 2/ShowName.S02E02.EpisodeName.720p.mkv

  7. Paste this link into VLC's Open Network location dialog, and enjoy your stream.

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