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This is a +Dedi and +Cloud exclusive app.

Amazon Cloud Drive is an "unlimited" cloud storage service from Amazon.

With a little help from some software we can approach this service from your AppBox account as a normal folder.

This means that, for now, you can add unlimited storage to your AppBox by moving your content on the Cloud Drive and adding this folder to Plex to stream from there.

Now since Cloud Drive is only 60 USD a year I can't imagine this service will stick around for all too long but while it's still here you can use the following guide to get it running on your account.

A few friendly warnings

Uptime and performance

The performance and uptime of Cloud Drive can never be guaranteed. Don't open tickets if it's too slow to stream. If that is the case play files from your 'real' harddisk. It's also quite possible that Amazon decides to pull or limit access to third parties from one day to the other. We are in not responsible for this extra service that we offer you free of charge.

Increased latency

Streaming from Amazon Cloud Drive adds extra latency to the connection. The data goes from Amazon's servers to our server to your device. This will affect the max bitrate at which you can consume content. Please keep that in mind and always try playing something from the disk if you suspect that ACD is the issue.

High i/o activity

Never download torrents directly to cloud drive or use any other apps that cause high disk i/o. This is a sure way to break your connection with Amazon Cloud Drive.


In order to give the server access to your Cloud Drive (CD from now on) you will have to authorise your account. To authorise follow the following steps.

  1. Go to this site and login to your Amazon account.
  2. If completed successfully you will download a file called 'oauth_data'. (NB this file should not have any extension)

Here you have two options:

  1. Continue to installing the Cloud Drive app and open the oauth file, copying the contents into the text field.

  2. Upload this file to a folder on your Byteiszed account called ~/.cache/acd_cli. If you don't see this folder feel free to create it manually. (You can probably force the creation by using the 'Start' button from the Cloud Drive App on your box page). You can do this with FTP or any command line tool. If you haven't used FTP before you can find the guide here. Make sure you enable 'show hidden files' in FileZilla though because otherwise the folder can't be seen. (Re)Start the CD app once the file has been placed in the right folder.

If everything is working you should be able to see your CD folders and files in the cloud_drive directory in your home folder.

Installing the Bytesized App

The first step is going to the account you want to install CD on. To do so navigate to your box page, press "install application" and pick "Cloud Drive".

Uploading files

To copy/move files into your cloud-drive directory, you should use SSH, or VNC's file manager (the easiest option); FTP will not work.

However it is highly recommended you use the acd_clicommand line feature for uploading files as using the mount point might result in errors and disconnects. See the documentation here

  • a helpful command in order to sync your files with ACD. Note when using acd_cli command you don't type cloud_drive in your path. Bellow is an example if i want to upload files into `Bysh/Movies.
acdcli upload torrents/data/name/of/your/file Bysh/Movies

Alternative method of uploading.

Install VNC and log in, from here you can upload directly to the amazon cloud via the chromium browser. Simply log into to, navigate to "Your Amazon Cloud" and then upload as normal. The main advantage to this method is speed vs copying across to the mounted drive. The one drawback for this method, it won't allow you upload files more then 2gigs in size.

Once you have finished your upload, restart the Cloud Drive app, and the recently uploaded files will appear in the mounted drive.

Adding Cloud Drive to Plex

Once you have started CD it's time to restart Plex. This restart will force Plex to re-read the filesystem and notice your new folder called "cloud_drive" where your CD account is located.

To add your content to Plex login to your Plex server.

  • Edit your "Movies" and "TV Shows" libraries go to "Add Folders" and the /data/cloud_drive/Videos folder, or whatever folder structure you use on Cloud Drive.
  • Plex should automatically scan the new files but feel free to manually force a refresh.


acd_cli, the application that runs cloud drive is not the most stable app. Sometimes it will simply stop working. There are some things you can try.

  1. Make sure your cloud_drive folder is empty, it won't start if there are files present in this folder.
  2. Start it manually so you can see if there is an error. acd_cli sync and acd_cli mount --allow-root ~/cloud_drive to start it manually.
  3. If you get an error saying sqlite3.DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed then delete the file ~/.cache/acd_cli/acd_clinodes.db
  4. One thing to remember, ACD has a 5 minute sync limit, if you try and restart within 5 minutes, it will wait for 5 minutes to elapse since the last sync, and then re-mount/re-sync your drive. So it may look like it's not working but it's basically pausing. Patience!!

How to use FileBot connected to Amazon Cloud with NZBget and Deluge (using Sonarr)

NOTE: This section is written by an user . You're have to set it up yourself as we don't support it or any issues coming with it.


For NZBget, customize the script to your folder setup. The file is located here: ~/.config/nzbget/ You can download an example cloud drive configuration here.

To change target directory in your cloud drive, replace --output $HOME/cloud_drive/media with --output $HOME/cloud_drive/[somedir], while putting in your own folder instead of [somedir] in the filebot command (see example file line 28 or nano ~/.config/nzbget/ line 21).

You will also need to replace --action symlink with --action move to actually move the files onto the cloud drive. (see example file line 28 or nano ~/.config/nzbget/ line 21).

After these steps, NZBget should automatically move TV shows to this folder (with filebot naming).


For Deluge, steps are quite similar. Deluge uses this file for filebot launching: ~/.config/deluge/ You can download a example cloud drive script here.

To change the target directory in your cloud drive, replace --output cloud_drive/media ( line 12) with your preferred directory, e.g. --output cloud_drive/mymedia.

You will also need to replace --action symlink with --action move to actually move the files onto the cloud drive. (see ~/.config/deluge/ line 13).

After these steps, Deluge should automatically move TV shows to this folder (with filebot naming).


To configure Sonarr correctly, only one step is needed: Simply change the template path to /home/hd[number]/[username]/cloud_drive/TV Shows, while replacing [number] with your hd number and [username] with your linux username.

After these steps, Sonarr should be recognizing successfull downloads after a disk refresh. (with one problem, see below)


  1. Sonarr will think everything is HDTV-720p, even if this isn't true.
  2. NZBget sometimes gets stuck on filebot: Sleeping for Plex, if this is the case manually canel postprocessing and on the history tab, click post-process again.


Overall the cloud plan is a great choice if you have already subscribed to Amazon Cloud Drive, and even if you haven't already you can still save lots of money by switching to it. If you are okay with the Problems mentioned by this part and the other warnings on this page, feel free and configure it to your liking, you will be amazed by the performance. I will look into Filebot scripts and maybe implement an auto-retry mechanism, but I don't know if that is even possible. At the very least, I'm going to implement the direct-upload command into the filebot script for extra stability. In the meantime, enjoy your new Plan!

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